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Soup of the day

home made bread £3.00

Crayfish Salad

crayfish tails, marie rose, salad, home made bread £4.75


house garlic bread with your choice of topping:

  • tomato, mozzarella & basil £3.70
  • wild mushroom & blue cheese £3.70

Wild Mushrooms on Toast

creamy garlic wild mushrooms on house made soda bread £4.25


red onion confit, salad, house made bread £3.70

Crispy Panko Breaded Prawns

sweet chilli or garlic mayo £4.95

Sweet Chilli Tempura Chicken

sweet chilli or garlic mayo £4.95

Arran Haggis & Black Pudding Bon Bons

creamy pepper sauce £3.95

Jalapeno Poppers

breaded jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese with sweet chilli or garlic mayo £4.50

Chilli Nachos

house nachos, beef chilli, cheese, sour cream £3.95

Mozzarella Sticks

sweet chilli or garlic mayo £3.95


Order on 01475 675767

Stone-Baked Pizza

Hand pulled pizza base, stone baked until crisp with our traditional house made sugo sauce


mozzarella, fresh basil £7.25


grilled chicken & bacon, caesar dressing £7.95


folded pizza with your choice of any three fillings £8.95


classic pepperoni £7.25


peppered chicken breast & haggis £8.95


ham & pineapple £7.95

Fruits De Mer

crayfish, prawns, monkfish, mussels, lemon & chilli oil £9.95
– please ask if you would prefer this without cheese –


pickled peppers, olives, red onion £7.95

Meat Feast

chorizo, bacon, cajun chicken, mixed peppers £8.95

Extra Veggie Toppings

onion, peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, jalapenos  +50p each

Extra Meat Toppings

chorizo, bacon, chicken, ham, pepperoni  +£1 each



Chicken Breast with Arran Black Pudding

seasonal vegetables, baby potatoes, pepper sauce £9.95

Chicken Breast with Arran Haggis

seasonal vegetables, baby potatoes, pepper sauce £9.95

Steak Pie

slow cooked beef in rich gravy, fires or baby potatoes, seasonal vegetables £8.95

Fish & Chips

haddock in beer batter or crispy breadcrumbs, fries, salad £8.95

Classic Burger

toasted brioche bun, fries, salad, coleslaw £9.95

top it up £1 each . . .
mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, fried onion & mushroom, bacon

Room Fried Chicken

our own secret recipe fried chicken breast, fries, salad, coleslaw, garlic mayo £9.95

Thai Green Curry

our own thai green curry sauce with brown rice, choose from:

  • chicken breast £9.50
  • seasonal vegetables £8.95
  • today’s seafood (please ask) £9.95

Thai Marinated Chicken Burger

red pepper mayo, fries, salad, coleslaw £8.95

Crispy Panko Chicken Curry

crispy chicken breast, brown rice, lightly spiced chinese curry sauce £9.95




stuffed & rolled tortilla, fries, salad, coleslaw, sour cream, choose from:

  • chicken, monteray jack cheese & onion £9.95
  • sweet pepper, onion, monteray jack cheese & jalapeno £8.95


stuffed & folded tortilla, topped with cheese & warm salsa with fries, salad & coleslaw, choose from:

  • chicken, mushroom & onion £9.95
  • sweet pepper, red onion, mushroom & jalapeno £8.95


folded soft tortilla with spiced rice, refried beans, salsa, monteray jack cheese, shredded lettuce, choose from:

  • cajun spiced chicken breast £9.95
  • spiced beef chilli £9.95
  • sweet pepper, red onion & jalapeno £8.95



Cajun Chicken Penne Pasta

with fresh salsa £8.95

Seafood Linguinne

today’s seafood selection in creamy white wine & garlic sauce £9.95

Penne Arabiatta

spicy tomato sauce, sweet peppers £8.95

Room Carbonara

smoked bacon, mushroom, white wine, cream £8.95


Order on 01475 675767

Chocolate Brownie

with fresh cream £3.95

Banoffee Pie

with fresh cream £3.95


Order on 01475 675767

Garlic Ciabatta


Garlic Ciabatta with Cheese


Creamy Coleslaw


Rocket & Parmesan Salad




Room Cajun Fries

Cajun spiced fries with hot cheese sauce, diced jalapenos and sour cream £3.95