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Starting its origins as Flannigans in Gallowgate Street and rebranded in 2008, Room has been serving the community at the heart of Largs ever since.

Lots of the original ethos of Flannigans remain and have been enhanced over the years, with fresh ideas at the forefront of our business.

Room now boasts a large eclectic world menu featuring Scottish/Mexican cuisines made with specially chosen local produce as well as an expansive list of beers, wines, spirits and handmade cocktails.



Our team are committed to ensuring our customers get the best dining experience possible, therefore all of our menus are always fresh and made to order.
We believe in supporting local suppliers and small businesses so we make it a priority to source as much of our produce from what our beautiful area has to offer.
This also means we are able to ensure we can cater to the requirements of all our customers, including specially created gluten free and vegan dining. 


Room is proud to be a family run business, with owners Annie and Stephen McDonald supported by a professional, tight-knit team of both family and colleagues.
Our family values are echoed through the experience we wish to provide our customers - casual dining in a family friendly atmosphere with the very best fresh food and handmade drinks.
Room truly is at the centre of the community – we are physically in the town square and we are proud to have done our best to offer 'All Things to All People'. 
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